Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TSA to police prom

Well, I guess THIS will teach students not to complain about 'security' gropings! And as long as the PRINCIPAL didn't "hear any complaints" at the time of these gropings, this should be GOOD ENOUGH to exonerate any TSA worker. Never mind what the students reported!

The principal didn't "hear any complaints".

This type of reasoning should therefore also be good enough to exonerate child abusers, Pick Pockets and thieves, child pornographers, drug dealers, gun runners, Hit and Run drivers, burglers, shoplifters, those who quietly discriminate in the hiring of others...and the list just goes on and on. In many of these instances, victims remain quiet or may not even be aware that a crime has been committed against them at the time the offence was taking place! Many complaints are made after the fact...not during.

Regardless of what others reported afterwards once the shock and humiliation wore off, ONE PERSON didn't hear anything so therefore NOTHING HAPPENED? END OF STORY??

Guess we also don't need lawyers now...

TSA to police prom


  1. You got to love it! Maybe the children will overcome their "education" Ya think??? JC

  2. Lol. I would hope so, JC! :)

    When I went to high school, the chaperones were parents and teachers. Now it's the TSA??

    It'd be great if these students now started questioning other things they are also being told by liberal teachers...and principals. :)