Friday, March 22, 2013

They STILL Can't Discredit The Bible!

Throughout mankind's history, any civilization that did not have the ability to write their history down kept their factual events alive among their people in song and poem form for easy remembering. People who had excellent memories were usually the ones who went from town to town passing these songs and poems to others. This was not "theater" but a very serious undertaking.

(Art was also used but this wasn't as accurate in passing information down through the years due to interpretation being needed. Most art was more of a "photograph" or a symbol of a specific event rather than the whole story.)

Because each generation's children grew up with these songs and poems, most people were very knowledgeable about what their history was and continued to be. Most took a personal responsibility in knowing what was going on.

This, then, wasn't a game of "telephone" in which one person says a word...whispers it into the next person's ear who then whispers it into the NEXT person's ear, and so on...only to end up with something quite different than the original word.

This is how history was "saved" and passed down from generation to generation. However, as writing became available to "verbal" civilizations, these songs and poems as well as more current events of the day were then written down by select learned writers (who often were part of the "elite" class), and over the years the general populace started to rely more on the written word read to them than on memory.
Probably not a good move. As education was usually limited to only the wealthier "leaders of the community", writing became a Power to use to sway the "unwashed masses" in cases of politics and religion. Writing became such a powerful tool, in fact, that often it was a crime for anyone of the lower classes to have this knowledge.

The early Christians sang songs...composed poems...drew pictures...and some, under the penalty of death, had even learned to write. Many pamphlets, letters, notes, etc, were passed around to the various "churches", and it's these pamphlets, letters, notes, etc, that the early Roman Catholic church's Council of Constantine either kept as "valid" or discarded when composing their first book of Christian information...the Bible.

Is the Bible factual to this day? Scientists, Archeologists, Historians, Astrologists, etc, have so far been unable to discredit this book despite the many attempts made. In fact, as history continues to be revealed, the Bible continues to stand up even stronger under educated factual scrutiny.

A burning bush? Science says it's indeed possible.

God's Voice? Why not? (The only question is "is every voice heard that of God's?)
Science is even now trying to understand the strange sounds of "groaning" many areas of the world have started experiencing. And they still can't explain why one person may "know" something before it happens while others don't...or why one person will hear his/her name called and turn around only to see nobody there.

Seeing someone alive after they have died? There's thousands of reported accounts of things like this happening.

The Sun stopping it's rotation in our sky? At least thirty or forty years ago astrologists found an anomaly..a sort of "glitch" in the star patterns...showing this may have indeed happened thousands of years ago.

The Big Bang Theory? Why couldn't God have started the ball rolling in this way?

Water becoming as blood?  This has already happened off of several countries' coastlines. 

As of this present time, there is still NO headline anyplace stating that the Bible has finally been discredited...and, believe me, there's thousands of highly educated people who would dearly love to be able to discredit the Bible!

Also: with the Book of Revelation now reading like a modern newspaper after being ''closed'' to our understanding for thousands of years, I don't expect to see any headline like this ever happening.
 (The Book of Revelation was not to be understood by anyone until we entered the End Days, and now people all over the world are reporting that they suddenly understand what this book is saying...including me!) 

According to the Book of Revelation, Jesus is coming back...and it won't be as a sacrificial lamb this time.  Even Islamic teachings say that Jesus (the Prophet) is going to return.  No other prophet, though.  Just Jesus.  They also teach that in the end times "the Sun (a Muslim leader) will rise in the West"...and we now have such a leader here in the United States.

After so many false reports, we've finally entered the End Days.

So do I care what color Jesus's skin or eyes were...or if he had brothers...or if others may have masqueraded around as him? Nope. Thousands of Early Christians who knew Jesus were willing to die instead of denying him.  Why?  Because they KNEW he was REAL and not just the "leader of a cult". 

Cults die out.  However, Christianity is still growing by leaps and bounds while under heavy persecution in many parts of our world today...and signs of increasing persecution have already started in the United States.

I know in my heart and Spirit that Jesus lived and was crucified while telling the people he was their...and future believers'...ultimate sacrificial offering for their sins if they would only believe in him. That's why blood sacrifices aren't needed anymore.

If we believe in Him, we will have Eternal Life...and that's good enough for me.


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